Kelli’s Meal Prep

Food that’s ready when you’re ready! Pick up or delivery on Sunday or Monday.  

Fresh Food

We aim to offer you fresh and delicious foods.

Home Cooked Flavor

Home curated flavors with you and your family in mind.

Hassle Free

Live, Love, Eat. Let us take care of the rest for you!
Personalized Meal Plans Tailored To Your Nutritional Needs.

Family Style

Family style is our traditional family style meal prep plan. It is a blend of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for a healthy well balanced diet. This plan keeps everyone in mind whether it’s just you OR your WHOLE family joining the meal prep family!! Each container has 2 servings of the protein and 2 servings of the side dishes with two different plans to choose from as well as weekly Add-Ons and Al a Carte meals.

Fit Meals

Our Fit Meals are our traditional family style meal prep all in one container. Each container contains a healthy balance of protein, fats, & carbs; ready to just Heat and Eat!! You pick your meal and we put it all together for you!! Great for on the go!!!


From a family pan of chicken, to a steamed veggie tray, salads, and even dessert Kelli’s Meal prep offers a great selection of delicious and healthy add-ons. We have designed these stand alone menu items with you and your family in mind. Add-ons are a great way to modify your meals with various options and by adding more portions to your servings.

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